Home Hemorrhoid Treatment Can Provide Welcomed Relief

Hemorrhoid Types

Anyone suffering from one of the types of hemorrhoid conditions – external or internal – should attempt a home hemorrhoid treatment remedy. An external occurrence, while painful, does not necessarily require a visit to a doctor unless acute, where blood clotting appears. Internal hemorrhoids usually cause no pain but can create quite an itch while causing a pressure-like sensation making it very difficult to clean the anus area properly. Internal conditions may also lead to bleeding sand possibly protruding from the anus as well. Internal are typically classified as :

• First Degree – where there is no bulging from the anus

• Second Degree – bulging occurs only during bowel movements

• Third Degree – bulge during bowel movements but need to be manually pushed back into the anus

• Fourth Degree – bulging outside the anus is constant

What Hemorrhoid Treatment Can Be Used at Home?

First, the best and basic home hemorrhoid treatment involves a change in bowel habits. This would include preventing hemorrhoids from become worse through making sure to gently, but thoroughly, blot the anus after every bowel movement. Always use unscented, white paper that you may moisten just a bit with water or one of many commercially available cleansing agents. You can also try to use a commercially available medicated pad as well. Always avoid rubbing and never use a soap containing dyes and perfumes. This will only exacerbate the situation.

Symptom Relief

A great hemorrhoid treatment method toward obtaining temporary symptom relief is to apply ice to the area several times per day, Another recommended home treatment is the application of moist heat in the form of dampened towels using warm water. Also apply several times or, if possible, sit in a warm sitz bath several times per day.

Sitz Bath

This is a type of bath derives its name from the German, sitzen, which means to sit. A person immerses only up to the hips and buttocks. Although this bath can be either hot or cold, the hot version of this hydrotherapy technique provides help to increase blood flow to the pelvic area, thus reducing inflammation. It is especially as an effective hemorrhoid treatment used at home. Prepare a stitz bath for hemorrhoid treatment by filling a basin full enough to cover the hips and buttocks at least up to the navel area of the abdomen. Use a basin where sitting in the water is possible, while also using an additional basin with water a little warmer to immerse the feet. If this not available, make use of a standard bathtub for your sitz bath home hemorrhoid treatment.

It’s Also What Is Eaten

Associative hemorrhoid treatments should include increasing both fiber and water intake to the daily diet. Taking stool softeners is also recommended as this prevents constipation allowing for easier bowel movements and less irritation. A change in habits can lead to hemorrhoid treatment relief of many of the agonizing symptoms for both types. These practices may keep hemorrhoids from becoming larger and may even induce shrinkage, but they will not go away.